White Paper: Smart vs Dumb Charging Stations

Learn the difference between networked and non-networked charging stations
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Not All Charging Stations are created equal: When buying an electric vehicle charging station, one of your first decisions is whether to purchase a “smart” or “dumb” station. Do you want a networked or non-networked station? Which is better for a commercial property?

Non-networked stations are best for sites that don’t need a management system, like the garage of a single-family home. Because there are a limited number of people accessing the station, the homeowner does not need to worry about who is charging at their private residence.

A smart, networked station, on the other hand, is best for a commercial property with multiple users. It allows property managers to manage access, minimize costs, and calculate return on investment.

Are networked or non-networked charging stations better? Fill out the form to learn more about the management tools that a smart, networked EV charging station can offer your commercial property.

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