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Download Case Study: Electric Vehicle Charging for Hotels and Resorts

Learn how hospitality can benefit from EV charging
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The Problem: The goal of a hotel, resort, restaurant, or other business in the hospitality industry is to give clients the kind of customer service and amenities that will ensure their return. The newest deciding factor for guests is the availability of overnight EV charging stations.

The Stanford Park Hotel in Silicon Valley caters to some of the most forward-thinking customers in the nation. Visitors needed reliable EV charging stations that could charge all kinds of electric vehicles, whether they were Tesla or Chevy or the newest vehicle on the market. Stanford Park needed EV charging stations that were smart, scalable, and just as stylish as the cars using them.

The Solution: Stanford Park needed flexibility in a network and a charging station design that fit in with the look and feel of the property. Fill out this form to learn more on how smart EV charging from SemaConnect met Stanford Park’s needs.

semaconnect smart ev charging station