Case Study: EV Charging for Corporations

Learn how your corporation can benefit from EV charging
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The Problem: A recent CarMax survey showed that more than 2/3 of people would buy an electric vehicle if their employer made EV charging available at the office. EV corporate charging is a valuable part of a benefits package that can attract and retain employees, but it’s important to do research to select the right charging station provider.

Newport Corporate Center, the home of T-Mobile’s national headquarters, discovered that not all charging station vendors offer the same level of customer service. They already had EV charging stations, but when they needed a repair, their existing vendor required a new contract. Newport was ready to rip out their stations when they called SemaConnect.

The Solution: Newport needed a partner with no limits – who would let the “Uncarrier” rip up its own charging contract. SemaConnect’s open network, customer support, and contract-free service were just what Newport and T-Mobile were looking for. Fill out this form to learn more on how smart EV charging from SemaConnect met T-Mobile’s needs.

semaconnect smart ev charging station