Download Case Study: Electric Vehicle Charging for Apartments and Condos

Learn how multifamily housing can benefit from EV charging
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The Problem: The goal of many architects and developers is to build high-quality apartments and condos as residential properties. The goal of property management companies and building owners is to attract high-end tenants and provide as much value per square foot as possible.

The Hanover Company needed to differentiate themselves from other multifamily real estate companies. Tenants needed reliable EV charging stations for apartments and condos that could charge all the different kinds of electric vehicles, including Tesla,  and scale with demand. Hanover also needed EV charging that was smart: enable access controls, enables sharing, and make them easy to read. They also wanted EV charging for their apartments and condos that were stylish, easy to use and open to all EV drivers.

The Solution: Hanover needed flexibility in a  network and a charging station design that fit in with the look and feel of the property. Fill out this form to learn more on how smart EV charging from SemaConnect met Hanover’s needs.

semaconnect smart ev charging station