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Why SemaConnect?

There are countless reasons why thousands of locations across North America have chosen SemaConnect Charging Stations for their property.

From effortless installation to our customer care… Here are a few more reasons to go with SemaConnect for EV charging needs:


  • Turnkey solution
    At SemaConnect, we provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for all of our customers to ensure that your Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program is implemented and runs smoothly.  We’ll guide you through the site selection for your new stations, help you select the appropriate station and mounting options, and provide input on station installation or connect you with a local installer. Furthermore, our Customer Care team also provides one-on-one software training for SemaConnect Network and answers any questions or concerns that you may have with pricing policy, setting up a public or private station, and more. To go the extra mile, we’ll even assist you with parking site signage and parking spot striping.
  • Small form factor
    Our charging stations are often regarded as the smallest and sleekest stations on the market. This allows you to deploy an EV Charging Station program at your property without worrying about taking up too much space in the front of your property and/or in your parking garage.
  • Truly open network
    At SemaConnect, we provide a truly open charging station network that not only benefits you – it benefits the EV drivers coming to your location. Our stations are set up in a way that doesn’t require an EV driver to become a part of our network. This allows EV drivers the ease of use to charge quickly without having to sign up for a membership. In addition, we partner with companies like PlugShare, the most widely used smartphone application for EV drivers. Through our partnership, EV drivers can easily start a charging session through the most popular app without any restrictions.
  • Widest variety of initiating a charging session 
    EV drivers spoke, and we listened. They wanted more options for starting a charging session other than carrying around a deck of charging station passes due to lack of interoperability within the market. So SemaConnect sought out to be the EV Charging Station with the widest variety of charging options. We offer five ways to pay: using the SemaConnect app, visiting on mobile browser, dialing 1-800-663-5633, waving a SemaConnect RFID card, or through the PlugShare and ChargeHub apps.

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