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The SemaConnect Network

Take Control of Your EV Charging Program

The SemaConnect Station is a smart and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station that is wirelessly networked. This is vital, especially for commercial applications, so that you can effectively manage and report on your stations. It allows both station owners and drivers to track driving and charging sessions. Whether you’re looking to add two charging stations or a network of charging stations, SemaConnect adheres to open standards like OCPP and open ADR 2.0b that provide the stations owners maximum flexibility. 

Station Owners

The SemaConnect Network for Station owners and operators allows you to easily manage, monitor, and update your charging stations.


SemaConnect Network Features for Owners:

  • Manage station access– Restrict charging to just your members, or open it up to the public
  • Set pricing plans– Want to charge by time of day or the amount of time that a car is plugged in? You can do that!
  • View reports– See who’s plugged in and how long they’ve been charging, your costs and revenue, energy consumption, and more.

EV Drivers

The SemaConnect Network for EV drivers allows visitors to easily register, manage, monitor, and update their charging sessions at your stations.


SemaConnect Network Features for Drivers:

  • Interoperability and partnerships– We offer five ways to initiate a charge, including partnerships with PlugShare and ChargeHub
  • SemaConnect mobile app– Available for iOS and Android
  • Mapping tools– Drivers can check station locations, availability, and pricing before they drive up
  • Real-time charging status– Drivers can check the Driver Dashboard and set notifications so they know exactly when to unplug
  • Personalized reports– Personalized sustainability report calculates each driver’s carbon offset and fuel displacement.

Smart Reporting

Want to include your carbon offset in year-end reports? Want to know – at a glance – how your stations are used? SemaConnect smart network features help you make the most of your property’s investment.

Worry-Free EV Charging at Your Property

Take charge of your building’s sustainability

The SemaConnect Station is a smart and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station that is wirelessly networked. This is vital, especially for commercial applications, so that you can effectively manage and report on your stations.

The SemaConnect Network comes bundled with your EV charging stations. Here is how it works: 

How the SemaConnect Network works