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Series 8 EV Charging Station for Retail

Designed & Built for Retail - NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
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EV Drivers Can Pay With

The Most Flexible and Convenient Solution Available

We designed The Series 8 EV Charging Station for commercial applications where drivers are likely to pay with a credit card. With our built-in credit card reader, drivers don’t need a network membership to charge their vehicle. This is perfect for all commercial applications, including shopping malls, hospitals, municipal parking, and any retail location.


  • Two EV charging plugs / supports two parking spots
  • Easily implement desired pricing policy: Duration-based (hourly), Time-of-Use, and kWh
  • Credit card reader accepts all major credit cards
  • Supports physical and contactless payment options
  • Create access policies for public, private, or multi-group
  • Sharing features include:
    • Real-time availability
    • Station waitlist feature
    • Alerts / notifications
    • Charging status
  • Smart card authentication
  • Pay with PlugShare
  • Large display delivers instructions, rates, and details
  • Video camera for future applications (e.g. vandalism, theft)
  • Optional cable management system


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Dwell Times Increase While Charging An Electric Vehicle

It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to charge an electric vehicle, and EV owners love to plug-in anytime they get an opportunity. That means shoppers will spend more time in your store browsing and adding items to their shopping baskets. To learn more on how EV charging stations help to increase retail dwell times, download our retail guide below.