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Smart Load Management

Deliver EV Charging While Minimizing Installation Requirements and/or Electricity Costs

SemaConnect’s Smart Load Management is software that allows organizations to add EV charging stations to their properties without incurring major electrical upgrades or increasing electrical capacity. Adding more panels, circuits and transformers can be costly, and many older buildings may already be at full capacity. SemaConnect understands that more and more drivers are demanding charging stations in the workplace, apartments, schools, hospitals, etc. SemaConnect’s Load Management Program allows you to…

Deliver high quality charging services while minimizing:

     • Electrical installation requirements and/or

     • Electricity Costs

All SemaConnect EV charging stations include a robust load management capability with Peak Power Management  and Power Sharing Management functionality. That means that regardless of your electrical capacity, you can provide high quality charging for your property or organization.

Peak Power Management
  • Manage the maximum power available to a group of chargers
  • Includes demand response capability driven by electric utility and/or third party software platforms
Power Sharing Management
  • Manage how power is shared across a group of chargers
  • Multiple sharing methods available to fit your application

All SemaConnect charging stations can establish a load management program that can help minimize your installation requirements and/or your electricity costs.


  • Deliver high quality charging services while minimizing:
    • CapEx: Electrical installation requirements and
    • OpEx: Electricity costs 


  • Peak Power Management and Power Management Sharing


Establish a smart load management plan through a simple 2-step process:

Step 1: Create a Charger Group

    Step 2: Set the Electrical Capacity

    Select the Peak Power

    Constant Peak Power

    Time-of-Use Peak Power

    Demand Response Peak Power

    Select Power Sharing Management

    Set Charge

    Equal Charge

    First-In, First-Out

    electric vehicles charging

    Power Sharing Management Scenarios: Set Charge, Equal Charge, First-in First-Out

    Set Charge: Each plug has a set power level

    Equal Charge: Each vehicle will receive equal max power which varies depending on the number of vehicles plugged in.

    First In First Out: Each new vehicle will receive max power until capacity is reached, subsequent arrivals will start charging when first arrivals complete charging.

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