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Designing a Bulletproof EV Charging Station

Tested with Thousands of Smart Charging Stations in Operation Across North America

Create the perfect electric vehicle charging station suitable for commercial applications such as multifamily, office, hotel, retail, fleet, municipality, and urban garages.

Its compact form, ease of installation, and comprehensive online management system make it the best choice for charging electric vehicles.

  1. Compact form for tight spots. Parking spot? Urban garage? Just tight on space? SemaConnect’s sleek enclosure and small form packs a huge punch with an unobtrusive footprint for your commercial location. Smart. Sustainable. Space saving.
  2. Rugged enclosure to resist nature. The SemaConnect charging station’s sleek enclosure is made of rugged commercial-grade aluminum to ensure the safety of the smart components inside. We’ve undergone rigorous testing to ensure the reliability of our stations.
  3. Multiple mounting options. Multiple mounting options make it easy to fit SemaConnect charging stations in a number of settings. In a tight urban parking garage? The wall mount is your best bet. Have an extra parking space in front of the building? The single and dual pedestal mounts make a perfect statement to visitors. No matter which mounting you choose, SemaConnect makes a positive sustainable statement.