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SC Wallbox – 24 kW

Charges Cars in 1-4 hours and Buses/Trucks in 4-12 hours

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Low power DC charging is an ideal solution for use cases demanding shorter charging times and higher charging asset utilization than can be provided by AC charging solutions. With a low power DC solution, charging needs can be met in balance with load demands and infrastructure costs.

Future-proof “Destination DC” charging
The Terra DC Wallbox is a compact 24 kW DC fast charger with one or two outlets supporting CCS and CHAdeMO protocols. Operating the Terra DC Wallbox is easy thanks to a full color, daylight readable touchscreen display. This includes starting and stopping of charge sessions, progress indication during charging, help menus, language selection, and PIN code access control. As connectivity is the key to successful EV charging installations, the Terra DC Wallbox features ABB Ability Connected Services to enable authentication, payment, monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair, as well as over-the-air updates and upgrades.

The DC Wallbox is available in the following configurations:

  • –Single outlet CCS-1
  • –Dual outlet CCS-1 + Chademo
  • –Input voltage: single phase 208/240 volts (~20 kW) & three phase 480 volts
  • –Wall-mount and pedestal mount
  • –23 foot cables (shorter cables are available)


  • Output DC voltage up to 920 VDC
  • 7” full color touchscreen display
  • Weight is ~180 pounds


Includes: Wall mount, 2 years parts only warranty, network activation and commissioning, does not include network service fees