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USGBC & SemaConnect Education
SemaConnect Offers LEED Continuing Education Credit with the USGBC

usgbc_logoSemaConnect’s continuing education program allows property managers and real estate professionals to gain a better understating of the electric vehicle industry and its importance to the real estate commercial market. Now more than ever, drivers are opting for new electric vehicle models created by the top automobile brands on the market.

As the paradigm continues to shift, the need for a reliable charging infrastructure is scaling quickly. Electric vehicle charging stations are the newest and most visible green building amenity, capable of continuously enhancing properties and communicating participation in a global zero-emission movement.

Presented by SemaConnect. This session will showcase the importance of EV-oriented solutions to greening urban infrastructure, highlighting case studies to identify parallels and potentials for collaboration in the public and private sectors.

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Number of Credits: 2.0 – for a 2-hour session
1.0 – for a 1-hour session


  1. Establish an understanding of the new mass-market electric industry, including vehicle roll-out projections and key enabling factors.
  2. Establish an understanding of requirements for re-charging new mass market EV’s, including standards and equipment alternatives.
  3. Establish an understanding of charging program benefits and requirements for commercial properties, including environmental and economic considerations, and key technologies for commercial charging services.
  4. Establish an understanding of major considerations in locating and installing charging equipment in commercial properties, including parking lot and electrical service requirements.
  5. Establish awareness of major government incentive programs for EV charging infrastructure, including incentives for charging infrastructure and vehicles owners.