The Infrastructure Investments & Jobs Act

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Learn how the newly signed Federal Infrastructure bill will impact EV charging. 

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It's an exciting time for the EV charging industry with the passing of the new federal Infrastructure Investments & Jobs Act (IIJA).

With approximately $7.5 billion directed to EV charging infrastructure, the IIJA is the largest-ever federal investment in our industry.

Watch this conversation with SemaConnect experts to hear our thoughts on this bill and its implications on EV charging infrastructure programs. 

Watch now to learn about: 

  • How funding is allocated across infrastructure categories
  • The impact of federal funding on the EV charging network
  • How federal funds will be implemented and distributed
  • Who is eligible for federal EV charging grants


Stephen Carroll 
VP of Marketing


Matthew Chen
Director, Government Policy & Programs


How this bill impacts EV charging and what we can expect from its implementation