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Join the SemaConnect Network

Convenient and Easy Access to SemaConnect Charging Stations No Matter the Location

Comprehensive Overview of SemaConnect Network for EV Drivers

Through the network and our partnership with PlugShare, you’ll gain access to a number of awesome features like real-time charging status, sustainability reporting, and charging your EV straight through the PlugShare app. Not on the SemaConnect Network yet? Join today!


  • Secure Login
    We use SSL encryption to make sure that your account is safe and secure at all times.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Our Customer Care Team is here to serve you and ensure that you have the best EV Driver experience.
  • Instant Updates & Notifications
    Receive text or email notifications when your charging session is complete, battery is fully charged, credit card transaction status, price changes, or demand response events.
  • Real-time Charging Status
    Login to your SemaConnect Network account and see, in real-time, if your favorite charging station is available.
  • Sustainability Reports
    Need to provide a comprehensive report on your charging? The sustainability reporting feature in the SemaConnect Network makes it simple and effortless for you to run reports on your fossil fuel displacements and greenhouse gas emission reductions. You’re even able to print an Excel or PDF version of the report straight from the software.
  • Wide Variety of Charging Initiation
    SemaConnect boasts the most options to initiate a charging session, which provides ease of use for EV Drivers. Whether you start a charging session with a SemaConnect Network Pass, through the PlugShare App, calling 1-800-663-5633, or simply visiting on your mobile browser – there are boundless ways to charge at a SemaConnect station.
  • PlugShare Partnership
    SemaConnect is a truly open network. We believe in having an open ecosystem with our charging stations, the SemaConnect network, and interoperability with other companies in the industry. For this reason, we’ve partnered with PlugShare, the most widely used smart phone app among EV Drivers in the marketplace. This partnership allows EV Drivers the flexibility you want to start a charging session directly through the PlugShare app without being forced to join the SemaConnect Network.
  • Online Bill Management
    The online bill management feature makes it easy for you to manage your charging sessions, bills, and payment options online.