WEBINAR: EV Charging for Electric Fleets

Fleet Electrification

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Jim Nemec
Director of Government Operations


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With the increase in budget and legislature supporting electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, now is the time for you to consider electrifying your fleet. 

Watch this conversation with the experts to learn about the benefits and requirements for an electric vehicle fleet. 

You'll hear how the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) began their electrical fleet journey and why they trust SemaConnect to supply their charging infrastructure. 

Watch now to learn: 

➔Why now is the time to modernize your fleet with electric vehicles

➔The benefits of an electric vehicle fleet

➔The requirements to keep your fleet ready to mobilize at any time

➔[Case Study] How the Oregon Department of Transportation is electrifying their fleet


Stephen Carroll 
VP of Marketing


Amy Regimbal
Surplus/Fuel/Storeroom Supervisor 

Oregon Department of Transportation

WEBINAR: EV Charging for Electric Fleets