One of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption is not having enough places to charge. Most EV drivers find that their home garage is the most convenient charging location. However, 40% of drivers live in apartments, condominiums, and other multifamily communities where a private garage may not be available. As an EV driver recently wrote, “The #1 barrier for many who want to get an EV is the ability to charge at home.” Here’s a sample of a letter from an apartment resident to their property owner…

Dear Property Manager,

Let me start by saying this: I love my apartment and community. Every time my friends and family visit my home, they comment on our fantastic views and modern amenities. But there’s a problem.

I was so excited to buy an electric vehicle last year! My new electric car has cutting-edge technology, and it’s the speediest and safest car I’ve ever driven. And it’s great for the environment! I intended to charge my car at work, but I’m now spending more time at home and need a new place to charge. What I truly need is the ability to charge my EV overnight at home.

I really do enjoy my luxury apartment and all the amenities, but we need to add EV charging stations ASAP. My lease is up for renewal soon, and I have been noticing other nearby apartments that offer EV charging stations to their tenants. I just don’t understand why we do not have this amenity.

I’ve also talked about charging with my coworkers who also drive EVs. They told me that their apartments had EV charging stations from SemaConnect, the same company that also offers charging stations at our workplace. SemaConnect is a leading provider of EV charging solutions to commercial and residential real estate, and they offer stations for shared and personal use.

These are the type of EV charging stations we need in our community so we can wake up to a fully charged car every day. And according to my colleagues, SemaConnect even offers a program that makes it easier for multifamily properties to add stations as needed. With charging as a service, you can add a dedicated charging station at my personal parking spot and use SemaConnect to bill me directly for monthly service and electricity. When I visit my friends at their apartments, I can even plug my vehicle into a SemaConnect station in the visitor parking. Now that’s what I call progressive!

My apartment already has water-efficient faucets, ENERGY STAR appliances, LED lights, and renovated countertops. Now I should have the option to charge my EV at my home. I’m even willing to pay for access.

I am confident that you will do the right thing and provide EV charging for the tenants that require it. Once my neighbors see that we can charge at home, I’m sure that they will also make the switch to an electric car. You can even use our new charging stations as a selling point on the community website! You’ll make this apartment building and community an even better place to live.

Thanks again, 
Apartment 4B

PS – SemaConnect is the company that is recommended to apartments and condos for the ease of installation, easy station management, and multiple payment options. Here’s the link to contact a sales manager.