We’ve previously written about how to buy commercial electric vehicle charging stations. In short, property managers, facility managers, and corporations should research charging networks and be sure to choose an EV charging company that provides a smart network and top customer service. But how do you choose the right SemaConnect charging station for your needs? Here are a few questions to consider.

What kind of property do I manage?

This is the most basic question, but the most essential. If you manage an office, retail center, hotel, hospital, university, municipal, or public parking facility, you likely see many EV drivers throughout the day. Your charging stations will be a shared amenity for multiple users. The Series 6 charging station is designed for you. This commercial charging station is versatile and easy to manage with the SemaConnect Network. Station owners can set pricing, restrict access or map visibility, and receive usage and sustainability reports. You can even use the Series 6 to attract new customers who want to plug in while visiting your business!

But what if you manage an apartment or condo community? What if you’re a fleet manager? In these situations, you may have dedicated parking for specific drivers. That’s why SemaConnect offers two dedicated options: the Series 5 Personal and the Series 7 Fleet charging station.

How will my residents charge?

Parking varies at multifamily communities! Some apartments offer shared parking, with the option to pay an additional fee for a personal parking space. Some condominiums only offer deeded spots. Multifamily community managers can choose between the Series 5 Personal and Series 6 Shared charging stations. What’s the difference? With the Series 5, you can assign a station to a resident, then bill that driver for access and usage. If your utility company charges you $0.13 kWh, you can pass that actual cost on to your EV driver. Your driver could pay a monthly fee for station access plus their actual energy used – a great solution for homeowner’s associations where non-EV drivers do not want to foot the bill for their neighbor’s electricity. SemaConnect also offers a Charging as a Service subscription for flexibility. And for communities with shared parking, the Series 6 can serve as a shared amenity in guest or resident parking. Property managers can still charge for usage, but the stations will be shared by multiple drivers.

How do I manage my fleet?

The question for fleets is this: who uses the fleet parking lot? At some businesses and governments, the same parking lot is used for employee/public parking during the day and fleet parking at night. At other organizations, fleet vehicles have a dedicated parking lot. The Series 6 charging station is designed for multi-users, so it is perfect for employee and public charging. You can restrict access to employees, or you can open your stations to any visitor to your property. You can even offer free charging to employees and charge an hourly rate to public users. The Series 7, on the other hand, is designed just for dedicated fleet charging. Because this station is assigned to a specific fleet vehicle, it offers features just for fleets including plug-in/plug-out alerts, scheduled charging, and restricted access. Depending on your needs, you may need Series 6 stations for employee/public use out front, and Series 7 stations for fleet charging in your depot!

With SemaConnect, you’re not alone in choosing the right charging station for your property. Want to schedule a consultation with your sales manager? Click here to request pricing and connect with our sales team.