One of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption is not having enough places to charge. Most EV drivers find that their home garage is the most convenient charging location. However, for drivers who live in apartments, condominiums, and other multifamily communities, a private garage may not be available. In that case, we recommend petitioning your property manager for smart EV charging stations.

Dear Property Manager,

Let me start by saying this: I love our community. The new countertops in my apartment are beautiful, our fitness center has the perfect equipment for my workouts, and our community events make me feel close to my neighbors. Every time my friends and colleagues visit my home, they comment on our fantastic, modern atmosphere.

But there’s a problem.

I was so excited to buy an electric vehicle this month! My new Tesla has the latest technology and is fun to drive, plus it’s good for the environment! It’s only been a month, but I already know that my entire family will go electric. I think my next door neighbor is even considering buying his own Model 3! I’ve been using the charging stations provided by my employer, but I’m about to move to a new company that does not have this amenity. I can use the public charging stations at the mall, but what I truly need is the ability to charge overnight at home.

My electric vehicle runs on a battery that needs to be plugged in in order to recharge. It came with a cord that I could plug into the 110V outlet in our resident garage, but the trickle charge that I get from that outlet is too slow for an overnight charge! What I need is a 240V, 30amp charging station that will give me about 25 miles of range per charging hour. That’s called a Level II station.

Smart networked” charging stations are what most apartments and condos choose. With a network, you can restrict access to residents and set pricing policies that cover the energy consumed by my car. SemaConnect even recently introduced a personal charging station that can be installed at my assigned parking space!

I know you want to offer our community the best amenities. You already advertise our LED lights, composting programs, and LEED certification! Why not further support current and new tenants by giving them a place to charge their electric vehicles? Charging stations will be just another reason to love our community!

The EV Driver in 2A

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