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The Push Towards Clean Transportation

Why Should Universities Install EV Charging Stations? 

As hubs for innovation and progressive thinking, universities have a certain responsibility to champion environmental values and clean transportation. And with the number of EVs estimated to be 35 million worldwide by 2022, universities are uniquely positioned to tap into the rising wave of clean transportation while providing a valuable amenity and improving campus sustainability.

Maintaining a cutting-edge, ultra-sustainable learning environment is fast becoming an effective way to attract the greatest minds and talent to a university. Having sleekly-designed EV charging stations available at strategic locations across campus is perhaps the most visual way of reinforcing a university’s commitment to the environment and sustainable lifestyles. Plus, the average visit to a university is typically several hours, which is the perfect length for charging an electric car.

EVs will continue to grow every year as concern over rising oil prices and the environment increases. Universities can harness the shift towards electric vehicles as a launchpad for further research into sustainability and clean transportation options.

Some of the benefits of installing EV charging stations include:

  • Establishing the university as a hub for innovation and sustainability
  • Providing a valuable amenity for faculty, students, and visitors who drive EVs
  • Generating an additional revenue stream
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of campus with high-tech charging stations
  • Attracting leading researchers in sustainability and 21st century technology
  • Using EV case studies to spur research into clean transportation and sustainability

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