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Smart EV Charging for Fleets

Reduce your fuel costs and make sure your vehicles are charged 100%

Streamline Your Fleet Operations and Reduce Your Fuel Costs

The Edison Electric Institute estimates that by 2030, the United States will have 18.7 million electric vehicles on the road. That’s 7% of the 259 million vehicles expected to be on U.S. roads that year! Of those 18.7 million EVs, McKinsey analysts estimate that around 8 million will be fleet vehicles. That means that in less than 10 years, your company will likely have an electric fleet or will be planning one. It also means that you’ll need smart fleet charging systems to help you manage your fleet vehicles.

SemaConnect, the leader in smart charging solutions, makes it easy to charge your EV fleets and make sure they are ready to go. Smart charging for your fleets ensures that you have all the information you need in a smart dashboard, including detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset, fuel savings and more. Keeping your electricity costs down.

The Series 7 for Fleets

  • Make sure your EV fleet is fully charged and ready to go
  • Receive alerts when a vehicle is not plugged in by a “set” time
  • Access controls prevent unauthorized use
  • Daily reports provide your fleet’s charging status
  • Cloud-based management provides reporting on use & savings
  • Maximize the efficiency of your operations
  • Make a positive impact on the environment
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Make stations available to the public during business hours