The Possibilities
are Endless

For all your electric vehicle solutions,
nothing’s cooler. Or greener.

Installing SemaConnect Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations is the sure way to put your property on the leading edge of sustainability – instantly. Whatever your business, the Series 6 will show the world that you are at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.

Benefits of installing Series 6 smart EV charging stations include:

  • Sleek Enclosure The Series 6 charging station has been designed to be visually compelling to effectively enhance the image of its host property location.
  • Ease of Installation Installation is simple, quick and affordable. The electrical service connection
    only requires 3 wire nuts, 4 screws and you’re done!
  • Simple Service Fee Reduce the cost and complexity of converting to electric
    vehicles with only one simple service fee.
  • Green Benefit Be a leader in this highly visible, sustainable industry.
  • Employee Satisfaction Provide a valuable amenity for your EV driving employees.
  • Property Value Every time a visitor or tenant enters or leaves your building
    they will be reminded of your commitment to sustainability.
  • Environmental Reports The Series 6 system includes environmental reports for carbon offset and oil reduction.