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Providing EV Charging Stations to Tenants, Employees, and Visitors

As a real estate owner or corporation, you can help lead this new industry by installing charging stations for your tenants, employees, and visitors. We will work closely with you to develop a charging station program that can get you up and running quickly and then scale easily with the rate of electric vehicle adoption.

Unlike gas stations which are located virtually everywhere, the supply of EV charging stations has yet to keep up with demand. In a 2017 survey from CarMax and CleanTechnica, 72% of hybrid and EV enthusiasts said that they would buy a plug-in electric vehicle if their employer installed EV charging stations. This means that by installing EV charging stations, you are putting your company on the map of the emerging EV market. You’re also providing a valuable amenity to a growing segment of the automobile market while adding a cutting-edge, green dimension to your corporate image.

Why Install EV Charging Stations? Some of the benefits of installing EV charging stations include:

  • Generating an additional revenue stream
  • Earning LEED Points
  • Bringing in new visitors to your property
  • Encouraging EV drivers to become “repeat customers”
  • Showing support for sustainability and clean transportation options
  • Establishing your property as an EV charging “node” in your community
  • Attracting and retaining eco-minded employees

A few of our Corporate clients…