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Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) lets you choose your own network provider and keep equipment

The OpenADR Alliance was created to standardize, automate, and simplify Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources

More Battery Electric Vehicles that We Love

Our hearts are sold on electric vehicles. We’ve written about new EVs before, but here are four more battery electric vehicles that we love right now.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance: What New Owners Need to Know

While EVs require less maintenance than gas vehicles, you’ll still need to know how to keep your car in prime working condition.

EV Charging Funding: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Good news: the federal tax credit is back, and there is funding available for installing EV charging stations at your commercial property.

Electrified Fleets: How Leading Companies and Organizations Reduce Emissions

There are clear benefits to going electric. Here are three reasons why fleet operators are switching to electric vehicles.

How EV Charging Stations Can Help Your Business Succeed

The reality is that EV charging can help you meet your goals. Here are four ways that EV charging stations can make your business more successful in 2020.

Electric Vehicles are here!

In 2018, Electric Vehicle Sales in the U.S. increased by 81%. That’s 2.1% of all new car sales.

Percentage of EVs on the Road vs. Internal Combustion Engines: 2018, 2025, 2040

Leland’s Newest Luxury Apartment Community Installs SemaConnect Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Wilmington-area Leland Station Apartments adds high-tech, luxury amenity for new residents with electric vehicles

Case Closed: SemaConnect Wins Final Decision in Patent Lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court Denies ChargePoint’s Petition for Appeal in Electric Vehicle Charging Lawsuit Against SemaConnect

SemaConnect Charges Up GE Aviation Employees With Eight Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Leading aircraft manufacturer becomes the second General Electric subsidiary to purchase SemaConnect smart charging stations

Riverbend Apartments Prioritizes High Tech Living with SemaConnect Smart EV Charging Stations for Residents

New luxury apartment community in northwest Charlotte adds smart networked charging stations for residents driving electric vehicles

SemaConnect Installs EV Charging Stations at Park Grove Luxury Condominiums in Coconut Grove

Electric vehicle drivers at Biscayne Bay’s newest ultra-luxury condominiums can now charge their vehicles at eight smart charging stations

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