EV Charging for Commercial, Multifamily and Fleet Applications
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SemaConnect Secures Investment from Trilantic North America

Our new partnership will enable us to further scale our platform, bolster our industry relationships, and serve the growing population of electric vehicle drivers.

Meet the Series 7 for Fleet Applications

SemaConnect, the leader in smart charging solutions, makes it easy to charge your EV fleets and make sure they are ready to go. Smart charging for your fleets ensures you have all the information you need, like built-in alerts and a smart dashboard to visualize detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset, fuel savings and more.

Meet the Series 6 for Commercial and Shared Applications

Designed for commercial and public applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector.  The most flexible solution and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates and more.

Meet the Series 5 for Multifamily Dedicated Use

Regardless of whether you need to add one or two EV charging stations or an entire network to your property, SemaConnect makes it simple to offer this powerful service for your tenants.

See the SemaConnect Series 6 public charger featured in a commercial for the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe. The electrified Jeep is scheduled to arrive December 2020!

There’s smart, then there’s SemaConnect smart!

All SemaConnect EV charging stations include a robust load management capability with Peak Power Management and Power Sharing Management functionality. That means that regardless of your electrical capacity, you can provide high quality charging for your property or organization.

Peak Power Management
  • Manage the maximum power available to a group of chargers
  • Includes demand response capability driven by electric utility and/or third party software platforms
  • Power Sharing Management
    • Manage how power is shared across a group of chargers
    • Multiple sharing methods available to fit your application

Receive positive cash flow while providing your tenants with EV charging! 

SemaConnect Multifamily CaaS (charging as a service) makes it easy to provide dedicated EV chargers as needed to individual tenants. We provide the equipment and all related services. Besides providing a turnkey solution and a green amenity, you gain an additional revenue stream.

Add Stations as Needed: add the SemaConnect Series 5 Smart EV Charging Station with hardware upgrades for life for a low monthly cost.

Positive Cash Flow: Set tenant usage fees to cover the cost of CaaS service fees and electricity with the desired ROI.

Lifetime Driver and Owner Support: We provide 24/7 support, 365 days per year.

Lifetime Full Replacement Maintenance: No need to worry about the stations.

The smart and genuinely open solution that supports all EV drivers!

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) lets you choose your own network provider and keep equipment

The OpenADR Alliance was created to standardize, automate, and simplify Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources

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Electric Vehicles are here!

EV sales forecasts 2019-2028

US EV Sales Forecast: By 2028, EVs will reach mass adoption rate of 16%


number of EVs sold in the United States

(Source: Veloz)


lives saved in 2050 by transportation electrification in the United States

(Source: American Lung Association)


plug-in EV models available in the United States in the next five years

(Source: EVAdoption)


per mile operating cost savings of an electric vehicle

(Source: AAA)

SemaConnect Launches the Next Generation of Electric Vehicle Load Management

Power Management and Power Sharing Features Help Commercial Properties Deliver Electric Vehicle Charging Services While Minimizing Costs

The Pearl at Marina Shores Promotes Luxury Living with New SemaConnect EV Charging Stations

Virginia Beach’s Newest Waterfront Community Adds Another High-Tech Amenity for Residents

City of Sunnyside Supports Local Businesses with New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

New SemaConnect EV charging stations will promote tourism on I-82 in Central Washington

Band of Brothers Supports Healthy Lifestyles in Honolulu with SemaConnect EV Charging Stations

Army Veterans Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Anytime Fitness Kaka’ako

An Investment in the Future: Trilantic North America Backs SemaConnect

Leading private equity firm backs leading electric vehicle charging company with substantial minority investment

Ready for Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at your property?

On-time, to spec, and within budget. SemaConnect helps you get started with adding EV charging to your property. We work with you and discuss what you are looking to accomplish and provide advice to maximize project success.