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Smart EV Charging Stations for
Businesses, Fleets, and Multifamily

Series 4 EV Home Charger

Home EV Charging Station

Designed for drivers who want who want to charge their electric vehicles safely and in the privacy of their own home. With innovative features, the Series 4 allows for maximum power delivery, greater convenience, and the advanced technology drivers need to ensure their vehicle is ready to go!

Series 5 Multifamily EV Charging Station

Multifamily EV Charging Station

Regardless of whether you need to add one or two EV charging stations or an entire network to your property, SemaConnect makes it simple to offer this powerful service for your tenants.

The Series 6 EV Charging Station

Commercial and Public EV Charging Station

Designed for commercial and public applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector.  The most flexible solution and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates and more.

The Series 7 EV Charging Station

Fleets EV Charging Station

SemaConnect, the leader in smart charging solutions, makes it easy to charge your EV fleets and make sure they are ready to go. Smart charging for your fleets ensures you have all the information you need, including built-in alerts and a smart dashboard to visualize detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset, fuel savings and more.

The Series 7 Plus EV Charging Station

Fleets High Power EV Charging Station

The Series 7 Plus is the most powerful Level 2 fleet charging solution on the market and is a cost-effective solution for EV fleets that want to maximize power while minimizing costs.

The Series 8 EV Charging Station

Retail EV Charging Station

The Series 8 – Retail EV Charging Station was designed for commercial applications where drivers are likely to pay with a credit card. This means no membership is required to charge your vehicle.

New Jobs Created by the EV Industry

With several million EVs needed to achieve ambitious environmental goals, supply chains, manufacturing, and servicing jobs related to EVs must plan for the growing demand.

How to Know How Many Charging Stations Your Project Needs

Want EV charging on your property but don’t know how many you need? Here are some of the factors to know how many stations a project needs.

How Universities Can Benefit From Adding EV Charging Stations to Campus

EV charging stations are specifically beneficial to university, college, and other school communities. Here are a few benefits for your campus.

The smart and genuinely open solution that supports all EV drivers!

EV Drivers Connecting with SemaConnect EV Chargers
Open Charge Alliance

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) lets you choose your own network provider and keep equipment

Open ADR

The OpenADR Alliance – created to standardize, automate, and simplify Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources.

SemaConnect Level 2 Chargers

There’s smart, then there’s SemaConnect smart! Smart EV Charging Stations

SemaConnect EV charging stations include a robust load management capability with Peak Power Management and Power Sharing Management. That means that regardless of your electrical capacity, you can provide high quality charging.

Peak Power Management
  • Manage the maximum power available to a group of chargers
  • Includes demand response capability driven by electric utility and/or third party software platforms
  • Power Sharing Management
    • Manage how power is shared across a group of chargers
    • Multiple sharing methods available to fit your application

SemaConnect Joins Top Automotive Experts at SAE International’s Government/Industry Meeting

Top electric vehicle charging company will present insights and exhibit EV charging solutions at the annual meeting for government, policy, and automakers.

SemaConnect’s Mahi Reddy Visits with Vice President Kamala Harris to Discuss Electric Vehicles

SemaConnect chosen to represent American electric vehicle charging industry at EV investment briefing with public officials

SemaConnect Launches New Educational Initiatives for Commercial Professionals

The top electric vehicle charging technology provider will educate property managers and electrical contractors through thought leadership webinars in December 2021

SemaConnect Celebrates the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Electric vehicle charging solutions leader celebrates $7.5 billion investment in transportation electrification and essential infrastructure

SemaConnect Achieves CTEP Certification for Series 5 and Series 6 EV Charging Stations

The leading open charging network achieves approval from the California Department of Food and Agriculture for accurate measurement of Level 2 electric vehicle charging.

Level 2 EV Charging Stations wit Cable Management

Ready for Smart EV Charging Stations at your property?

On-time, to spec, and within budget. We make it easy to install EV charging at your property. We work with you and discuss what you are looking to accomplish and provide advice to maximize project success.